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Welcome to the Hooke Termite & Pest Services page for testimonials. Now, our diligent office staff, expert sales team, and highly trained field technicians can tell you all about how awesome Hooke Termite and Pest Services is or how you will have a great experience when utilizing any one of our termite and/or pest control services that we offer to facilitate the pest solutions that you may require for your home or business. But we would rather you hear and see for yourself from past and currently highly satisfied customers.
We have dedicated a whole section of our website to our video testimonials. We like to consider these video testimonials as online word-of-mouth. When a potential customer Googles "pest control in my area" and begins to scroll through the paid advertisements of companies that offer pest control near their location just before arriving at the companies that appear at the top of the listings because of their positive review status and activity.
The first thing that most people do is to see how many reviews a company has and how many "stars" they average. After reading, clicking on a company's Google page, and looking through a few or more reviews, they soon find the link to the company's website and then to the testimonials page. Here you will find videos of satisfied customers who are briefly sharing their positive experience with Hooke Termite & Pest Services. So, when we tell you that we are the best in the business, don't take our word for it, check out the video testimonials from other customers.
Word-of-mouth referrals have always been the most common way that small-to-medium size companies have generated new customers for their businesses for hundreds of years. Word-of-mouth referrals are still a highly dependable way for most companies to grow and maintain a strong customer base.

Before the age of the internet and the dawn of the smartphone era. Word-of-mouth referrals have been the most dominant tool a service company could have. There are countless service industries that homeowners, residential, and commercial property owners utilize regularly. Pool maintenance companies, landscapers, roofers, painters, contractors, and pest control companies are all examples of companies that have all operated and grown their businesses on word-of-mouth referrals alone.
A referral to a homeowner or business owner by a previous or existing customer is the highest compliment that a small business can receive. For someone to put their reputational neck on the line to give out the name of a service company that they have had a pleasurable experience within the past requires a foundation of trust.
If you had your home painted by a painting company that had a price that was within your budget, showed up on time, and provided quality results on time, you would probably have no problem letting one of your neighbors or coworkers know about this company if the topic ever arises at the neighborhood block party or the office water cooler.
But, if you hired a company that showed up late or didn't show up at all, provided very lackluster results, or hit you with a bunch of hidden costs at the end of the job, you would probably stay mute when the opportunity to divulge a verbal referral arises or do what some people do and bad-mouth that company from here to Timbuktu. This kind of word-of-mouth can be detrimental to a company's reputation.
Since the turn of the century, the vast expansion of the internet has revolutionized essentially every aspect of life in the United States and other societies around the world. Research and knowledge that would normally take days or weeks to acquire can now be found in just seconds by merely inputting a couple of keywords into a search engine.

Nowadays if you want to shop around for a certain type of store or a service company in your area, you can do that with the help of lots of different customer review-based applications such as entertainment, food & dining applications, shopping apps, and social apps. But after years of research and data collection, we like to think of Google as the most reliable and proven search engine available to the masses.
With the power of the internet, you can search for anything from a muffler shop to a mobile cupcake baker, or even a pest control company. For decades Google has been the leading and proven source of inquiry. There are lots of search engines out there, but if you are a business that wants to be competitive in its market, you want to make sure that you have a strong presence on Google, first and foremost.
It is our goal as a company to receive a 5-star Google review from as many customers as possible. Having more positive reviews than their competitors on a company's Google listing is a key factor in securing a spot somewhere on the first page of a search for whichever industry or service the company provides.
To leave a review on a company's Google page, you are required to have a Google account, AKA a Gmail account. I'm sure that there are many reasons why Google would require this. I would say that the main and most logical reason for making sure that anyone who leaves a company a review of any kind on a company's Google page is primarily to ensure that the person leaving the review is an actual person and not a computer program or a nefarious competitor with nothing better to do than to leave a plethora of bad reviews on their competitors Google page.
Whenever we complete a job, whether it be a fumigation, a patio replacement, or something as simple as a one-time exterior general pest control service and we see to it that our customer is completely satisfied, we make it our goal to get a review or testimonial from the customer.

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