Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

How often should I have my home serviced for general pests?

Every property is different and by being different, we mean each property may have different needs when it comes to general pest control. Some products that are applied at the exterior for general pest control can provide up to 90 days (about 3 months) of protection. Some of our customers prefer to have monthly services, others prefer to have bi-monthly and quarterly general pest control service. We make it our goal to tailor a pest control service that fits your needs as our valued customer.

Do I have to put my pets away when you spray?

All pets must be put away or removed from the areas of application until the product can dry. Our top priority when it comes to providing our customers with our quality pest control is safety. Once the product is dry it is ok to let your pets "remove their seatbelts and move about the cabin".

Do I have to leave the house if you spray inside?

Although each of the products that we use to control your pests have their own application requirements, the consensus of most of the products that we utilize is that the treatment areas be vacated until the product has time to dry and any possible odors subside. Any one of our trained and experienced service technicians will be able to give you notice prior to the time of treatment as to how long you will have to be out of the area of treatment depending on the target pests.

How much does it cost for a termite inspection?

Hooke Termite & Pest Services offers complimentary termite inspections for homeowners. There is a termite inspection fee for properties listed for sale or in escrow. We are happy to provide a discount for any inspection fees paid at the time of inspection or prior to the time of inspection.

How long does it take for Hooke Termite & Pest Services to complete a termite inspection?

The time that it takes for one of our trained inspectors to complete a termite inspection can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on several key factors. Some of these factors include; the square footage, the age of the home, how much exposed wood is on the exterior, if the house is vacant or occupied, and if the house has a raised foundation (crawl space) or if it was built on a concrete slab.

How long does it take to receive the report?

Our well-trained and experienced office staff will have your termite report within 24 hours of the time of inspection. We guarantee it, or the inspection fee is on us!

Do you provide pictures with your termite reports?

For an extra fee, we will provide high-definition pictures of any findings in the report and a picture of all the structures inspected.

Does Hooke Termite & Pest Services perform wood repairs in-house?

Yes, all wood repairs are performed by our experienced and well-trained repair technicians. We are your one stop termite shop!

Do you provide estimates for any repairs that my home may need?

Yes, we provide an itemized breakdown of the cost of the repairs needed on your home.

Does Hooke Termite & Pest Services paint the wood repairs?

Yes, the painting of all repairs is included in each of our itemized estimates. We apply our best efforts in getting the closest possible match to the paint for the repairs to yours or your client's home. If we are provided with paint codes before work starts, we would be happy to use them to get a more perfect match.

Does Hooke Termite & Pest Services perform their own fumigations?

Although we do not perform our fumigations in-house, we take pride in sharing the long-term relationships that we have with our experienced and quality fumigation subcontractor with our valued customers. We strategically facilitate all the preparations needed to ensure that every fumigation we schedule goes as smooth as possible.

How long is the fumigation process?

The fumigation process is usually three days and two nights from the time the tent goes up to the time the fumigators remove the tent and certify the house for re-entry. Some fumigations are four-day fumigations due to larger sized buildings and if the date of the fumigation is scheduled over the weekend as the fumigation companies are usually closed on Sundays.

When I need to fumigate, what do I need to remove from the house?

When you fumigate your home there are some things that will need to be removed from the house prior to fumigation. Mattresses and pillows enclosed in waterproof covers must be removed. Any aquarium fish as well as any other indoor pets need to be removed. If you have an outdoor cat or animal that depends on you for food and water, we recommend wrangling up your furry friends and securing them away from the property during fumigation. All living house plants will need removed from the home. Finally, any opened foods, ingestible, oral hygiene products, and medications will also need to be either removed from the house or sealed in Nylofume bags.

Does Hooke Termite & Pest Services guarantee your work?

Yes, all work, whether it's a chemical treatment or a wood repair, we guarantee the job to be completed the right way. We pride ourselves on our performance and proven results. We also provide 3-year warranties for fumigations, 2-year warranties for all wood repairs, and 1-year warranties for any local or "spot" treatments. Warranties can be adjusted due to the size and scope of any work completed.

Do you offer any kind of discount?

We understand the sacrifices that our heroes in the military have made in securing a free country for us to rase our families. This is why we are happy to offer military discounts for all active and retired military of any of our armed forces. We also value the hard work and bravery of our first responders, so any active or retired first responder will receive discounted rates for any of our quality services. And where would we be without our senior community? We strive to provide our signature services along with the affordability of senior discounts.

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What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

Because bed bugs usually come out at night while you're sleeping, you may never see one unless the infestation is really bad. A surefire sign is a row of two or more very itchy bites on your skin that may look like a red or purple welt. By inspecting the edge and underside of your mattress, you may also find bed bug droppings, molting shells, or living bed bugs. Also check couches, baseboards, flooring, desks, chairs, bookshelves, and even computers.

It's important to be vigilant. Not only do bed bugs feed when everyone is sleeping, but about 30% of people don't have reactions to them. That means you could have them and pass them to friends and family without even knowing.

What strategies do you use to control and kill bed bugs?

To control them, you must wash all your clothes and linens and dry them on high heat for over twenty minutes. Then they must be put into garbage bags until the entire treatment is done.

Contrary to popular wisdom, do not throw out your furniture or mattresses. Whether we use a spray, heat, or fumigation, everything in the apartment must be treated before it leaves the apartment.

What is the difference between a bed bug heat treatment and a bed bug chemical treatment?

During heat or thermal treatment, we will seal off your home or apartment. Then we will use specially designed heaters to raise the interior temperature to one that will be lethal to bed bugs.

Chemical treatments are typically performed with a spray technique. You will be asked to leave the property for enough time so that the pesticides are no longer a danger to humans.

How safe are your treatments for my home and family?

Neither the chemical nor thermal treatments are dangerous to objects and things if the proper precautions are followed. Depending on the treatment you require, we will provide you with this information after the inspection.

Do I have to vacate the home during the treatment and for any period of time afterward?

For bed bugs, cockroaches, and other treatments, you will have to vacate the home during a limited period of time. We will provide you with more precise information after the pest inspection.

What should I do to prepare for your visit?

We will provide you with a full program to help you prepare for the visit. All the information will be provided once we know what type of infestation you have.

How do I know the pests won't return?

Unfortunately, there are few guarantees when it comes to pests. However, our follow-up inspections help establish an effective treatment plan. We provide our clients with a range of pest deterrents that keep them out. We will also provide you with a detailed list of recommendations to ensure that they stay away.

I have been hearing noises coming from my attic, basement, or within the walls. Could you help me identify what may be nesting or harboring in my home?

Yes! It sounds like it's time to call us for a pest inspection. It could be any number of insects, rodents and mammals

There are a lot of wasps flying around, and I think there may be a nest nearby. What should I do?

Call us right away. We will perform a detailed inspection of your entire premisses. We will locate the nest and create an action plan to eliminate it. Wasps can be very aggressive, so we recommend that you stay away and wait for the professionals.


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