Wasp Control in Ontario

If wasps have infested your home or business property, you’re probably well aware of what a nuisance they are. Wasp stings are painful and uncomfortable, and can even be lethal if someone in the area is allergic. 

Hooke Termite & Pest Services’s experts have been handling wasp problems in Ontario for years. We can provide wasp control and colony control to restore peace to your property once again.

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Wasp Treatment Inspection 

Before we can address the wasps in your home or business space, we need to understand the extent of the problem you’re facing. When you contact our wasp control team, we’ll schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience.

Wearing protective equipment, our experts will thoroughly investigate your property. We will get a sense of the severity of the issue and locate the wasps’ nest. From there, we’ll provide you with an estimate, outlining the costs, and come up with a control plan that meets your needs.

Schedule your inspection now when you contact us by phone. 

Effective Wasp and Yellow Jacket Control

Our experts are trained and certified to deliver you the best wasp control services on the market. We create customized solutions based on your property and the severity of infestation.

When dealing with a wasp issue, we treat the primary source of the problem: the nest. The wasps inside the nest will feel threatened and could become aggressive. It’s best to leave wasp control to our experts. We have the personal protective equipment and the tools to safely carry out our work.

We will ask you, your staff, or family members to leave the premises while we dispose of the nest for your safety.

You shouldn’t deal with wasp problems on your own. That’s why we offer wasp nest treatments that will deter other colonies from infesting your property in the future. We’ll also give you some tips to reduce the risk of similar issues moving forward.

Wasp Control For You

At Hooke Termite & Pest Services, we believe it’s essential to educate our clients and provide you with the knowledge you need to avoid wasp issues down the road.

Here are some of our best tips:

  • Carefully dispose of waste
  • Keep your property clean and tidy
  • Don’t leave sugary drinks unattended
  • Set wasps traps 
  • Don’t disrupt wasps’ nests
  • Call for help if wasp activity persists

If you have any questions or concerns, our experts would be happy to talk to you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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If you’re facing a wasp issue in your home or business, you need to have it dealt with as soon as possible— Hooke Termite & Pest Services is here to help. 

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