Mice Control in Ontario

A mouse may look cute and harmless, but there is rarely just one. Mice live in groups, and if you see one in your home or business, you likely have a problem. Mice can carry disease into your space, disrupt your food supply, and damage your property.

Our mice control specialists have worked in this business for years. We have the skills and to get the mice problem in your Ontario property under control.

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Mouse Pest Control Inspection and Trapping

The first step in mouse control is understanding the problem at hand. When you contact our experts, we’ll book an on-site inspection as soon as possible. During the investigation, our specialists will discuss the problems you’ve been facing and where you’ve noticed mice activity. We will work diligently to identify where the rodents are nesting and how they accessed your home or business space. From there, we will discuss a mice control plan, set up traps, and wait for the pests to be captured.

Understanding the Importance of Mouse Control

It is essential to have a mouse problem dealt with as soon as it’s suspected.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Mice can carry harmful bacteria into your property and food sources
  • They carry lice, mites, and ticks that are harmful to pets and humans
  • Mice reproduce fast – your small problem won’t be little for long
  • They can chew holes and slowly destroy your property

Mouse Control for Businesses

Mice control is even more critical as a business owner. The presence of one or more mice in your business can quickly put the reputation of your establishment in jeopardy, especially if you work in the restaurant or hospitality industry

Our experts will use the utmost discretion when servicing your business property. We will show up in unmarked vehicles and get the job done fast without attracting any attention from onlookers.

The Best Mice Prevention Strategies

Implementing effective mice control strategies may come as a relief, but once you’ve fixed the problem you want to keep it that way.

Our pest control team will discuss with you the best practices for keeping mice problems at bay. Some of the best practices include:

  • Sealing food in air-tight containers
  • Storing waste efficiently
  • Sealing entry points
  • Repairing caulking
  • Pruning shrubbery near your home
  • Calling a professional if the problem persists

With all the information you need to detect and deter rodents from your particular space in the future, you’ll be glad you called us.

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When mice infiltrate your home or business, Hooke Termite & Pest Services is the company to call. We keep ourselves abreast of the industry’s best mouse control techniques to deliver you the most comprehensive, effective services.